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TeleGalleria provides the complete digital platform (i.e. mobile app, CRM, Inventory Management, Digital Marketing, Mobile Payments etc.) to help artists successfully sell their artwork in Alternative Art Spaces, such as restaurants / hotels, corporate workplaces, community centers, etc. TeleGalleria's rich mobile app/tools helps artists to virtually connect & interact with customers yet at the same time providing simple & joyful purchasing experience to their customers using TeleGalleria's latest mobile payment methods for instant on-spot sale.

TeleGalleria believes that it can turn anyone into an art collector, all it takes is purchasing one original artwork. As a new collector you are helping the thriving artist community. You don’t need deep pockets & be expert in original art purchasing. TeleGalleria’s digital platform makes the whole experience simple and joyful for a new collector.

Creating New Collectors

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TeleGalleria's digital platform's includes effective digital marketing & intelligent campaign management to promote local businesses showcasing local artist's artwork. This benefits both, the business to attract customers & the artists to sell their artwork.

Opening New Markets for Artists

Artists showcasing their work at Portage Theatre, Chicago 11.07.2014 

Local Artist's artwork displayed in Restaurant "La Encantada" - Humboldt Park, Chicago

TeleGalleria's digital platform provides state of art technology to help artists go beyond traditional ways of selling art & explore new markets (Alt. Art Space) by using latest technology such as mobile location services, mobile app to showcase artist's video bio & complete portfolio, integration of social media, and last but not least the most advance mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Paypal, etc.

Please throw us a line or just a 'Hi' ... we would like to hear your thoughts, ideas, and feedback to make this company and it's products a great resource for the success of Artists and promoting Art in our societies.

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